Introducing Yolanda Pesto

Yolanda Pesto is a gourmet, homemade line of richly flavored pestos made by a company that is passionate about flavor.

Established in 1993 and after many years of experimenting, we have perfected our recipes to offer exquisite combinations of all the freshest, all-natural ingredients that act as the most delicious partner for almost any food.

Why Pesto?

In a world filled with condiments, it is important to stand out amongst the crowd. As a sometimes overlooked condiment, pesto is a refreshing alternative offering palate-pleasing flavors that are both healthy and delicious.

The family of fresh, homemade Yolanda Pesto sauces can be spread on hamburgers for a fun, healthy alternative to ketchup or mixed into pasta, rice or potatoes for a quick flavor-filled meal.

Flavor Profile

Our delicious pesto sauces come in four different flavors, all of them packed full of antioxidants and explosive in flavor. Our classic almond pesto uses almonds as a base, adding a unique twist in flavor, and our Cajun pepper pesto, roasted red pepper pesto and sundried tomato pesto combine unique flavors that will complement and season any meal.

Make everything you eat taste SENSATIONAL everytime

Our pestos can be used to decorate pasta, pizza,salad, and sandwiches, enjoyed as a dip or accomplishment for bread, or for a true flavor aficionados, consumed straight from the bottle.

The versatility of Yolanda Pesto allows for our products to be not only high end, but also practical, ultimately revealing pesto in a new light. A few serving ideas:

  • Use as a scrumptious sandwich spread
  • Add a tasty layering ingredient to lasagna
  • Toss with cooked chicken, meat or fish
  • Mix with diced tomatoes to make a Bruschetta
  • Enjoy as a dip for a snack or appetizer
Unique Packaging

Yolanda Pesto is a high end product that is packaged with a unique presentation in order to grab the interest of customers. The wire bale jar is a distinct contrast to deli containers, more common for pesto, which will stand out to consumers. While pesto may not have been considered as a condiment before, the endless applications and easy-to-use container will showcase pesto as a newly appreciated condiment.

The jars can be re-used to store spices, candy, bath salts or filled with your homemade product and given away as a gift.

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • Our pesto is hand-made fresh to order: Traditionally, pesto is made with FRESH ingredients to be consumed in its fresh state. Pesto in glass jars on the grocery store shelves have been heated so it will last for years. In doing so, the pesto no longer tastes fresh.Yolanda Pesto is refrigerated to retain its freshness so what we give up in a long shelf life YOU gain in flavor.
  • We use extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the best quality oil because it comes from the first pressing of the olives and is therefore the least processed which is important to those of us interested in its health benefits. Yeah, it's expensive but we use it because its the BEST and we strive to provide you with the HIGHEST QUALITY pesto on the market. Most pesto sauces, sadly enough, are made with soybean or canola oils to keep their costs down which in turn provides you with a less than superior pesto sauce. Sorry to break the news to you. They were hoping you wouldn't notice. 
  • We use the FINEST parmesan cheese in Italy. Again...yeah, its expensive but like I mentioned before, we provide you with the HIGHEST QUALITY pesto on the market. Other pesto sauces use romano cheese although different we feel "The King of Cheese" parmesan is the best to use for our sauces because of its nutty flavor.  
  • We fire roast red bell peppers OURSELVES. We don't use red peppers from the jar packed in water or oil. We pick the healthiest red peppers fresh and roast them ourselves to ensure that you get the fullest flavor at the peak of freshness.
  • We season our pesto with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Sea salt brings out the full flavor of food without all the additive and fresh cracked black pepper has a better flavor than the already ground black pepper in the containers.

Yolanda pesto sauces not only tastes great but is good for you. Achieve the health benefits of raw foods from basil, garlic and other ingredients while pleasing your palate. Yolanda Pesto sauces are minimally processed so all the nutrients remain intact. Refrigeration is required.

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ok, first of all...YUMMY! I've had pasta 3 times this week with your pesto. I love that you can just add it to hot pasta and viola! a meal. Tried the sun-dried and roasted red pepper. Really good.
Linda F from NY,NY
Note: All prices in US Dollars


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featured products

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Classic Almond PestoA twist on traditional pesto made with fresh basil, almonds and Parmesan cheese.
Roasted Red Pepper PestoEnjoy the taste of a summer barbecue year round with smoky fire roasted red bell peppers
Sundried Tomato PestoEnjoy the rich taste of sundried tomatoes reminiscent of dining al fresco on a warm sunny day
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